You’re right – buying and selling Middle Georgia homes is a huge deal.

Middle Georgia homes and real estate transactions, are one of the largest financial transactions people encounter in their life time. It’s not just a big deal – it’s the biggest.

So many things need to be juggled simultaneously. Consequently, you wonder “how in the world will I ever get through all the issues that come up?” Middle Georgia real estate purchases and sales require someone to pay attention to all those miniscule details to put it all together. In other words, your biggest financial decision can turn into a financial nightmare if you don’t have a strategic plan and someone to lean on for expert advice,

Availability in Middle Georgia is key.

Many real estate agents today are only part-time agents or work it as a hobby. Few agents have a full-time licensed assistant. They simply cannot deliver the exceptional experience you deserve when you’re facing the largest financial transaction of your life.

Therefore, you need a full-time professional working with you every step of the way. My full-time licensed assistant and I work together to make you a priority and get things done seamlessly.

Christine Schwartz will take care of you.

I will take the time to meticulously handle every moving part of the transaction. I will provide you with the best service you deserve and the integrity you expect. 

More than 200 happy clients have used my services over the past five years. This has resulted in over 20 million dollars sold in Middle GA real estate. I am convinced you will be one of these happy clients too, because my process works.

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